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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:Why are you willing to buy houses in bad condition?

A: We’re purchase houses in a poor condition at a more economical rate. We then fix these houses and sell them in the market for a profit.

Q: Do you offer fair prices?

A: We offer discounted prices for the houses we buy so we’re able to make a profit out of them but the sellers we work with enjoy the convenience of selling a house quickly without the added fees of a real-estate agent.

Q: How is the price determined?

A: Three main factors determine the price we offer for the house:

  1. Its location,
  2. The repairs it requires, and
  3. Its current condition.

If the house requires a lot of work, the offer will be less.

Q: Is there any hidden fees?

A: This is what makes us different from traditional buyers. Your convenience is our priority therefore there is NO hidden fee or commission.

We pride ourselves on our transparency. We’ll make you an offer and if you’re happy with it, we’ll close the deal. It’s a stress-free process. We take the risk of buying a house that requires repairs and may have foundational problems.

Q: How are you different from regular real-estate agents?

A: A conventional real-estate agent will post your property on listings and wait for a potential buyer to make an offer after many months of open-house showings. The process is long and stressful.

On average, it takes 6-12 months to sell a house. With us, you don’t have to worry about hiring a real-estate agent and looking for a buyer. We can take the house off your hands in within 7 days!

Q: Is there any obligation attached to the form I have to fill out?

A: Absolutely not. The form just tells us about the location and requires a brief description of the property. If it meets our criteria, we’ll give you a call and arrange a meeting to check out the house. Whether you want to sell to us or not, is completely your decision!

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